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Music Lessons, Performance Groups, Recording and Production

Music Lessons, Performance Groups, Recording and Production

Music Lessons, Performance Groups, Recording and ProductionMusic Lessons, Performance Groups, Recording and ProductionMusic Lessons, Performance Groups, Recording and Production

Let us help you discover your musical journey by taking Music Lessons, Voice Lessons, or Learn Piano! 

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We would love to talk to you about setting up music lessons and working on a schedule that fits your needs.  Contact us today and let's get started with brass, woodwind, or voice lessons, and you can also learn piano skills to help you with your musical development.

Special MESSAGE about the Current Public Health Emergency

This is a message to all Echelon Music private students and group members:

April 2, 2020

During this unprecedented time, it has been a challenge for all involved to live our lives in the way that we are accustomed to on a daily basis.  While music is a very important part of our lives, it is also important to be safe as we all navigate through this together.  Echelon music is aware of the financial hardships this has created for most.  As a business owner we have also been hit hard but understand that some people's situations are more dire than others.  The main concern is for us all to be healthy both mentally and physically.  Music is one way to keep our mind in a good place and we understand the importance.  We hope that all of you are in a good place and making the best of the current situation.  We have a plan to help you through these times when it comes to your music lessons:

  1. For lessons already paid in the month of March:  Lessons you have missed in the four weeks can be made up in 2 ways.  They can be made up by doing a virtual lesson via webcam.  These will be scheduled individually and will count as a lesson.  They can also be made up when this is over and we are able to meet in person.  This is your choice and we will work with you closely on scheduling.  If you are able to continue for April this is very appreciated and an important factor in the future of Echelon Music.  We will contact you individually to discuss your decision.

  2. We have left you the option of paying April’s fee and continuing virtually or making up the lessons when this is over.  We also understand that some have difficult financial situations and if you wish to take April off we understand.  However, we do ask that you return in May and resume payments for continuation of lessons.

  3. Additional groups such as Echelon Youth Jazz Ensemble are in a “stand by” mode and we have every intention of resuming sessions and performances with a modified schedule based on when the current situation is resolved.  Keep working on the charts!
  4. We have taken all steps necessary to make “Virtual Lessons” a positive and enjoyable experience.  We encourage you to give it a try and still welcome new students to utilize this option for their continued musical growth and learning.

    We would like to thank all of you that have stood by Echelon Music during this situation and we are grateful for your support.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


      Thank you so much! 

      David Richards, Echelon Music  



      Business Line:  919-626-4676

      Cell:  201-522-0841


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Virtual Lessons

Like all of us right now, we are both personally and professionally doing our best to survive the situation. Echelon Music is offering virtual lessons for current and new students with the help of a very easy to use video conferencing application! Please keep the music going and support your local business community.  


No upcoming events.


Echelon youth Jazz Ensemble 2020

Additional Information

Elizabeth Stotz - Vocals  (Corinth Holders HS)

Zachary Schultz - Vocals, Piano (West HS)

Zak Bonham - Trumpet (Corinth Holders HS)

Will Morgan - Trumpet (Clayton HS)

Nathan Richards - Trumpet (Clayton HS)

William Taylor - Trumpet (Triple S HS)

Jordan Key - Trombone (Clayton HS)

Paige Ray - Trombone (Cleveland HS)

Andrew Bianchi - Trombone (Corinth Holders HS)

Evan Bonham - Trombone (Corinth Holders HS)

Lance Agee - Trombone (Cleveland HS)

Gabriel Lopez- Alto Sax (Clayton HS)

David Villavicencio - Alto sax (Corinth Holders HS)

Logan Harris - Tenor Sax (Cleveland HS)

Daniel Medeiros - Tenor Sax (Corinth Holders HS)

Larry Bonham - Bari Sax (Corinth Holders HS)

Brandon Agee - Drums & Percussion (Cleveland HS)

TBD - Bass

TBD - Sousaphone
TBD - Drums & Percussion, Piano

TBD - Guitar

TBD - Vibes

TBD - Piano 

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this year's Group is going to be amazing!



 Echelon Jazz Ensemble will be holding auditions for Johnston County High School students Sunday, Feb. 9th at Brick and Mortar in Clayton.  Rehearsal schedules for the group will be determined by the members overall school and band schedules.  

Call 919-626-4676 if you have questions about the program and details.